Murmel des marula Baum - Antonino Secchia (3)
Murmel des marula Baum - Antonino Secchia (2)
Murmel des marula Baum - Antonino Secchia (1)
  • Joseph Wasswa – reading, singing, djembé
  • Antonino Secchia – singing, composition, percussion
  • Christoph Lehner – voice, tenor and soprano saxophone

The three musicians Joseph Wasswa, Antonino Secchia and Christoph Lehner, who live in Regensburg, dedicate themselves to the performance of Nelson Mandela’s favourite African fairy tales in their project Das Murmeln des Marula-Baums: Mandelas Märchen neu erzählt.

On the initiative of Antonino Secchia, who also wrote the compositions for the project, the three musicians bring to life a selection of the fairy tales compiled by Nelson Mandela. In an original way, they combine the spoken word with composed sounds and meaningful noises to create a vivid picture of the respective action and to stimulate the listener’s imagination.

Nelson Mandela, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former head of state of South Africa, grew up in a rural setting and got to know the folk tales of the Xhosa at an early age. Many of these stories exude the unadulterated aura of Africa and invite you to be enchanted by mystical animals and mutable creatures. These fairy tales are often of universal significance and tell of the healing, liberation and growth of their respective protagonists.